Reclaimed Antique Barnwood Rustic Industrial Bar Stool

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Industrial stools made with old reclaimed barn wood. Raw steel angle iron trim with matching black and chrome base. Swivel Top and very sturdy.

Approximate Dimensions:

28.5 inch tall seat,
15" x 15" seat.

This listing is for 1 industrial stool.

This wood has been salvaged and reclaimed, every piece has been used, now it can be used again! This barnwood has a very unique appearance and is superior to the wood that you can purchase new in stores now days. This barnwood is very old and is not milled and cut in this fashion any more. This stool is made with chocolate color base and angle iron, and dark brown roughsawn salvaged barnwood. The particular stool that you receive may have slightly different characteristics than the one in the picture. Almost all of the antique barn wood that I use came from a building built in the 1890's. Made in Oregon. Copyright © Mt Hood Wood Works, All Rights Reserved.